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Infographic on SE2’s New Product Introduction

Rampant digitization and consumerization are transforming life and annuity insurance. Since leading insurers are increasingly embracing ‘as-a-service’ business models, large investments in technology infrastructure no longer make sense. By leveraging the right mix of business process as a service, insurers are able to quickly access mature, robust functionalities and insurance experts to incorporate speed and agility within their go-to-market strategies. To achieve agility, flexibility and true speed to value, insurers must take advantage of new technologies within the context of their existing IT environments.

SE2 developed the Aurum Platform, a comprehensive future-proof technology platform which is custom-built for the life and annuity insurance industry. Leveraging the technology platform, along with proven industry knowledge, and years of collaboration with global insurers, SE2 offers the New Product Introduction solution. The New Product Introduction is a business-process -as -a – service solution that drives agility in our clients and enables them to build, buy and launch software at velocities unheard of in this space—less than one-third the time that it would have taken to do it internally.

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