Third party administration of acquired blocks

Streamline Acquired Blocks

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Streamline the transition and administration of your acquired blocks


SE2 is how investors protect and maximize their investments in acquired blocks and insurance companies. We provide exceptional service to customers while supporting each of your channels.

Our acquisition solution is built on a foundation of deep expertise in life and annuity insurance, proven technology and the best service team in the industry. We provide a seamless transition and efficient administration of your acquired blocks.

It starts with expertise. We grew up in the insurance industry and it’s in our DNA. We understand the challenges you face and know how to help you maximize your investment while minimizing your risk.

The SE2 Aurum® Platform is the most advanced and complete operations technology platform for life and annuity insurance. It’s highly efficient, featuring a multitenant architecture that reduces your cost for development, upgrades and regulatory compliance.

Customer service is the critical third part of the acquired blocks administration equation. SE2 stands for “service end to end” and it’s a core value at the root of everything we do. Our service model follows the sun, with people and deep expertise available across the globe. You never have to wait on an answer, and your customers get the support that keeps them happy and satisfied.

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