Developers will compete to win more than $40,000 for Breakthrough Applications Built with Daml 

New York – September 8, 2021 — Digital Asset, a software and services provider that helps enterprises build economic value through interconnected networks, today announced a six-week online hackathon, hosted in partnership with SE2, a life and annuities insurance technology and services provider. The hackathon will bring together developers from around the globe to use Daml, a multi-party application platform created by Digital Asset, to develop innovative blockchain and smart contract applications. 

Through October 25th, developers will be challenged to create the next breakthrough Daml application, helping to shape the future of financial services, insurance, and healthcare industries. All participants in the hackathon will have the opportunity to become certified Daml developers through a complimentary certification program run by Digital Asset. 

“Daml has the power to reinvent how we use smart contracts and blockchain to transform real-world industries,” said Craig Blitz, Chief Product Officer at Digital Asset. “Applications composed with Daml can run on and connect across any platform, enabling interoperable systems regardless of underlying technology. Daml is already being used in a variety of inventive ways, and we are excited to see what groundbreaking new ideas come out of this hackathon.” 

At the culmination of the six-week hackathon, developers will demo their applications which will be judged on three criteria: business value, creativity, and implementability (participants must include a link to their code in GitHub). The judges panel will be made up of smart contract, blockchain, and multi-party application experts, including Digital Asset Founders Yuval Rooz, Shaul Kfir, and Eric Saranecki, as well as SE2’s Chief Technology Officer Brad Medd. 

The hackathon winner will be awarded a cash prize of $10,000, and the two runner ups will each win $2,500. Additional prizes will go to winners of “Best Of” categories. 

We’re thrilled to get so many smart developers together who are responsible for building the next wave of smart contracts,” said SE2’s Chief Technology Officer, Brad Medd. “Daml and smart contracts have become powerful forces of transformation in the insurance industry. We are continually looking for qualified Daml talent to bring on to our SE2 team.” 

“It’s exciting to see two of our companies working together to advance the state of blockchain and smart contracts,” said Michele Trogni, Chairman of SE2 and an Operating Partner at Eldridge. “Not only is there so much room for innovation in this space, but the market opportunity here is tremendous as well.” 

Organizations across the globe rely on Daml to transform data silos into synchronized networks. Daml allows workflows to be shared privately and securely within and across organizations, leading to consistent, integrated data, easy-to-adapt architectures, and a system of common interfaces. Used by companies including Nasdaq, Xpansiv, HKEX, ASX and Broadridge Financial Solutions, among others, Digital Asset is helping to build a global economic network of interconnected businesses. 

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Digital Asset is a software and services provider that helps enterprises build economic value through interconnected networks. The company designs and delivers technology that reshapes legacy systems and workflows into efficient, secure, and interconnected applications. Daml, our technology, works across traditional boundaries, creating interconnected networks where information and value flow freely. Daml is a platform for building multi-party applications. It extracts and simplifies business processes to make data accessible and optimizes workflows using smart contracts. Leading organizations from financial services to insurance and healthcare partner with Digital Asset to create new multi-party solutions that transform disparate silos into synchronized networks. 

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About SE2 SE2, an Eldridge business, is a life and annuities insurance technology and services firm. SE2 has a proven track record of enabling technology driven transformations. SE2 uniquely combines industry knowledge stemming from its 125+ years of life insurance heritage along with its end-to-end SE2 Aurum® technology platform to enable the rapid launch of new and innovative products through both traditional as well as digital channels. SE2 currently administers nearly 2 million active policies on behalf of its 25+ clients. SE2 has over $100 billion in assets under administration and handles more than 200,000 new business applications annually. Please visit SE2 at to learn more. 

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