SE2 today announced record growth in 2013 fueled by a significant increase in new business processing. After the successful launch of 22 new insurance products during the past 18 months and processing of 61,000 new business applications for its clients between January 1 and August 31, 2013, SE2 is on pace to process more than 100,000 new business applications by the end of this year.

Dave Keith, CEO of SE2, spoke to the industry demands driving this dramatic growth. “Forward-thinking carriers are leveraging innovative external partners like SE2. To achieve strategic business objectives, they require our next-generation technology platforms, which provide alternatives for delivery and dramatically increase speed-to-market for new products at low cost. These state-of-the-art, web-based tools vastly improve both producer and consumer experience.”

Continued growth at SE2 is a confirmation that carriers interested in expediting the new product introduction cycle while delivering unparalleled customer service are looking for a partner with significant, relevant business acumen. Carriers have realized this capability in SE2 through the administrator’s revolutionary, innovative technology and century-deep roots in the insurance heritage.

SE2’s continuous innovation provides a tactical advantage, one soon to differentiate between organizations that remain viable and those no longer able to compete.

“We’re creating tools and capabilities that fundamentally alter how the insurance and financial industries will function in the future,” concludes Keith. “SE2’s solutions enable our clients to get in front of changes in the industry and to get to market quickly so that they can continue to grow.”