Turnkey platform combines the best of both companies’ technology, offering unparalleled customer engagement and servicing functionality

TOPEKA, Kan., September 19, 2019 – SE2, an industry leader in providing technology driven third-party administration services, and Life.io, a leading customer engagement technology firm focused on the life insurance and annuity industry, today announced the launch of their integrated end-to-end digital enterprise life and annuity platform, SE2 Digital Engage. This state of the art platform leverages APIs from the SE2 Aurum® digital platform and seamlessly connects with the next generation front office and customer engagement solution from Life.io to provide carriers with an innovative solution to leapfrog into the digital era and successfully broaden and deepen customer engagement. This follows the announcement in May this year that SE2 took a majority stake in Life.io

SE2 Digital Engage enables carriers to reimagine the life insurance experience for distribution channels and consumers with an engagement model that incorporates wellness aspects and gamifies customer engagement to enable rapid launch of suitable products to target customers at the right time. The solution will readily integrate with external third-party data and allow insurers to quickly build products and amend processes to address the rapidly changing demands of an evolving customer base.

With state-of-the-art engagement capabilities, carriers and advisors will be better equipped to connect with their customers leading to improved sales conversion rates, higher customer satisfaction, and reduced lapse rates.

“The SE2 Digital Engage solution that combines the capabilities of SE2 and Life.io, along with the innovative SE2 Aurum® platform, will enable life carriers and annuity providers to improve and personalize touchpoints with customers and become an integral part of their life and wellness routine. It will also eliminate redundancies, attract and retain customers by offering a truly digital-age experience while providing the policy servicing experience their customers are demanding,” stated Vinod Kachroo, CIO, SE2. “Through leveraging APIs, the platform enables the managing of applications digitally from quote to issue and gives carriers a one-stop platform with all the information and dashboards to provide customers a next-generation experience throughout the policies lifecycle resulting in an easy, quick selling experience and greatly improving the customer experience.”

“As the life insurance industry continues to evolve, carriers are improving their sales and service offerings as their differentiator. To jumpstart their efforts, many companies are looking for a TPA partner that can provide the entire digital experience,” said Tom Scales, Head of Celent’s Life & Health Insurance, Americas. “While many companies are more comfortable doing it all themselves, we encourage carriers to look at available implementation approaches. Speed to market is critical.”

“Carriers and advisors need to increase their reach, efficiency, and impact,” said Jon Cooper, CEO, Life.io. “A digital engagement solution that establishes, nurtures, and grows customer relationships and delivers real-time actionable insights and next-best-action recommendations back to advisors and carriers, to help  them achieve this and meet the demands of today’s customers.”

 SE2 Digital Engage is built on the innovative SE2 Aurum® platform and Life.io Engage™ platform. SE2 Aurum® is the industry’s first end-to-end digital Insurance platform ecosystem. Conceived by insurers for insurers, SE2 Aurum® is the industry’s first multi-tenant, open-architecture platform. It provides insurance carriers with a rich, engaging, fully-digital environment that enables them to quickly launch new products, create cost efficiencies, and acquire new customers across all distribution channels. The highly configurable platform offers the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with external data sources and an extensive partner ecosystem. Life.io Engage is a state-of-the-art digital customer engagement platform that delivers a rewards-based, gamified experience across the entire client lifecycle. Both SE2 Aurum® and Life.io Engage will continue to be available as stand-alone platforms as well.

 About SE2

SE2, an Eldridge Industries business, is a leader in digital technology enabled third-party administration services for the US life and annuity insurance industry. SE2 specializes in transforming the life and annuity insurance customer experience through its comprehensive and flexible digital platform and ecosystem. SE2 builds on its 125+ years insurance industry heritage to uniquely combine peerless industry knowledge with its end to end digital platform to enable carriers to rapidly create digital channels, launch products, optimize the cost of closed blocks, shift to a variable cost model, and improve efficiencies. SE2 has over 25 clients, services 1,000+ life and annuity products, has over $100 billion in assets under administration, and handles more than 200,000 new business applications annually. SE2 has an unmatched track record in delivering future-proofed next-generation business operations. Please visit SE2 at www.SE2.com or our LinkedIn community to learn more.

 About Life.io

Life.io, a leading customer engagement technology firm that helps companies educate, engage and reward their customers at every stage of the customer journey through a state-of-the-art digital experience. Life.io’s team of experts and world-renowned advisory board, incorporate behavioral economics, gamification and psychology to create highly engaging solutions for its clients. Learn more at Life.io.

About Eldridge Industries

Eldridge Industries invests across diversified businesses with a focus on Credit and Credit/Real Estate Hybrid; Insurance and Insurance Tech; Real Estate; Sports and Media; Convenient Food; and Technology. In particular, the firm seeks to build and grow businesses led by proven management teams that have demonstrated leadership and experience to scale an enterprise. Eldridge is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, with additional offices in Beverly Hills, New York, and London. To learn more about Eldridge please visit www.eldridge.com.