SE2 today announced the launch of its thoroughly redesigned, website. SE2’s new website reflects how SE2 has matured with customer-focused solutions and serves as a gateway to solving business challenges in the life and annuity industry.

“We’ve experienced tremendous growth during the past five years,” said Dave Keith, SE2 Chief Executive Officer. “We’ve increased the number of direct clients from four in 2008 to 20 in early 2013. We’ve also evolved from administering closed-block annuities to producing new products and administering in-force business for life and annuity through both business process outsourcing (BPO) and software as a service (SaaS) delivery models. According to Keith, the new website features intuitive navigation enabling users to quickly and easily locate SE2 product, service and solution-oriented information relevant to the user based on their specific role and/or needs. The new site’s compelling driver-based functionality guides users to key solutions that solve targeted business challenges and role-specific portals dive into material areas of the site geared toward business leadership, finance, technology, product and marketing, and operations.

“Today’s marketplace requires information to be instantaneous, compelling and clear,” explained Tom Spencer, SE2 Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our new website design provides intuitive navigation tools and clear paths that enable visitors to quickly access the information they need, whether it’s an introduction to SE2, education on our products and services, or demonstration of our value proposition.”

The new website also features an Innovation Center which serves to educate visitors on changes and trends in the insurance and annuity industries and demonstrates how SE2 helps carriers think differently to reinvent their business by visualizing new opportunities. Additionally, SE2 developed a mobile site, optimized to make key information viewable 24/7 on any mobile device. This simplified version of the website will automatically display on mobile devices. The full site is also available to view through a link on the mobile site.