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Customer-Centric New Business
Acquisition and Administration

SE2’s third-party administration expertise and digital technology capabilities help you drive customer centricity, scale your operations, bring products to market faster andtransform operations.

Accelerate growth while reducing complexity and costs

SE2 is how insurance and retirement solutions providers leverage BPaaS for new business acquisition and administration. We provide exceptional service to customers while supporting more than a million sales reps and sales entities across career, wirehouse, bank and IMO channels.

Fast-track to being a digital insurer

Shift to a pay-as-you-go model

Drive process efficiencies through a single platform

Our approach to customer service
reflects in how we support your channels

Agents and brokers get detailed reporting, highly informative dashboards and an advanced system for flagging and quickly resolving NIGO applications. You get better results from your investment in new customer acquisition, and agents and customers alike are happy with the speed and efficiency of the application process.

Our new business acquisition and administration solution has generated more than $830 million in commissions in just the past 12 months. It’s built on a foundation of deep expertise in life and annuity insurance, proven technology and the best service team in the industry. It’s also based on keen insight into the moments of truth that define each customer relationship, and a service-oriented culture that treats each moment as an opportunity to deepen and extend the customer relationship.

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