End-to-End Digital Engagement Solution


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Reimagine the Selling and Servicing of Life Insurance


Life customers demand a great digital user experience. They want to be able to obtain a policy quickly and easily. They want to feel more engaged with their insurers at every step of their insurance buying journey. And they want personalized experiences, including incentives that reward them for a healthy lifestyle.

In the past, carriers have invested significant time and resources aiming to custom-build suitable solutions from the ground up, often with limited success.  We can help you deliver a fast, personalized and intuitive digital user experience that delights customers and exceeds their expectations, and can give you a unique way to capture business from younger, digitally-demanding generations. What’s more, we can help provide carriers – and their agents and advisors – with the essential tools to personalize customer interactions and provide a truly digital, unified and omnichannel experience across all touchpoints.

SE2 Digital Engage™ can help life insurers dramatically improve the way they sell and service life insurance. SE2 Digital Engage™ is built on the innovative SE2 Aurum® platform, the life insurance industry’s premier end-to-end digital platform ecosystem. SE2 Aurum® is highly configurable, and provides insurers with a fully-digital environment that gives them the ability to acquire new customers through all distribution channels and quickly and cost-effectively launch new products.

SE2 Digital Engage™ incorporates Life.io’s next-generation front office and customer engagement technology platform, ENGAGE, to help life insurers deepen customer engagement and leapfrog into the digital era. Together, the two technologies combined to help insurers provide an engagement model that gamifies customer engagement and enables them to launch suitable products quickly and efficiently. The state-of-the-art engagement capabilities also gives carriers and agents the essential tools to connect with customers to improve sales, increase customer satisfaction and increate retention.

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