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Build and Launch New Direct to Consumer Life Products


SE2 is transforming the way life carriers acquire mid-market and millennial customers with our direct-to-consumer solution, SE2 Digital Direct Life.

SE2 Digital Direct Life is the first no touch, end-to-end life insurance as a service solution. It automates the entire customer acquisition process, from application to approval, from underwriting to policy issue. Your customers get a streamlined, no touch online application process that takes minutes to complete, and requires just moments to get approved.

The consumer interface is easy to navigate and the user experience is exceptional. Yet SE2 Digital Direct Life is far more than just a streamlined front end. It’s integrated with our policy administration and underwriting systems to support both simple and also more complex insurance products that require full underwriting as well.

SE2 Digital Direct Life leverages the advanced technologies of the SE2 Aurum® Platform. It’s cost effective and gets you into the market with your new direct-to-consumer life product in months, not years.

SE2,, SE2 insurance,

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