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The SE2 Aurum Platform: Advanced technology and digital enterprise-class architecture.


The SE2 Aurum Platform is the most advanced and complete operations platform for life and annuity insurance. It’s future proof technology, continuously improved to drive greater efficiencies, lower costs and higher levels of customer satisfaction.


SE2 Aurum Technology Platform


The multi-tenant, enterprise-class architecture is highly scalable and efficient to enable a digital insurer, and the advanced architecture features modular functionality and pre-configured products to help increase the speed of product development and the velocity of new product launches.

SE2 Aurum allows us to deliver enterprise-class Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) solutions and scalable third-party administrator (TPA) services for life and annuity insurance products.

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Superior customer service and support


SE2 service maximizes the value of every customer interaction. Our rigorous training and quality standards ensure SE2 teams have the same skills and commitment to service that you demand of your own employees. SE2 customer-facing teams reflect your organization’s culture, brand values and personality to provide world-class customer service to your customers. You get local teams in Kansas and New Jersey, plus around- the- clock support from nearly 1,000 life and annuity experts on three continents. It’s the best- of- breed service model you, and your customers, —deserve.

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Provide an exceptional omni-channel customer experience


SE2 technology ensures your customers get the support they want, the way they want it, —on the web, on their mobile devices, through the mail, via social streams, by chat or by telephone. We integrate these channels into a single, cohesive view, ensuring that data and content from the initial contact carryies over to other channels and subsequent contacts. You can tailor the customer journey, reducing their effort and increasing the quality of their interaction with your brand.

Harness innovation


Rapid advances in technology and ever increasing customer expectations are driving the need for life insurers to embrace innovation. Growth and market success hinges on staying ahead of the rapidly evolving technologies, from Robo-advisors to advanced and predictive analytics. SE2’s fFuture-proof technologies and third party administration services frees you up so you can focus your resources on driving growth and improving customer experiences.

Simplify compliance with regulations


The complex, frequently changing regulatory environment presents carriers with yet another form of risk. SE2 helps simplify regulatory compliance. We assess and qualify the impact of changing regulations on your organization, and implement project and action plans that help keep you compliant and provide the transparency regulators require.

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