Expand into new market segments


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Expand into new market segments and distribution channels


Acquiring new customers and revenue from existing products is a goal of nearly every insurer. We help you achieve it while minimizing risk and disruption to your current business and operations. 

At the core of our ability to help you expand into new markets and distribution channels is the agile and highly flexible SE2 business process as a service solution. Powered by the SE2 Aurum Platform and our advanced customer engagement model, you can easily reach, engage and support your customers across a wide range of sales and distribution channels. 

The need to expand into new segments and channels is clear. Agent-based distribution has moved toward the affluent and mass affluent, leaving middle-market consumers underinsured. Increasingly, life insurers are focusing on servicing the largely untapped middle market, the various underinsured multicultural market segments and on addressing consumer preference to do business via digital channels for growth. 

Yet capitalizing on this opportunity requires deep understanding of the challenges, needs and financial goals of these channels and requires well-developed distribution networks and a simple and hassle free online purchase experience.

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