Optimize Administration Of Closed Blocks

Closed Blocks

We convert your closed blocks onto our SE2 Aurum® platform, transitioning you from a fixed-cost structure to a variable-cost structure. Streamlining costs and increase savings. Our experts manage the conversion process and administer the closed block.

Achieve more efficient and effective cost structures on your
closed blocks

SE2 provides closed block solutions matched to your strategy and goals. We support rebadging, conversions and lift & shift, helping you minimize risk and cost while increasing speed and efficiency. You can free up scarce business and technical resources to focus on the business opportunities that will drive growth.

Transition from fixed to variable costs

Retire legacy technology platforms

Drive process efficiencies through a single platform

Gain from “Best-shore” resourcing model

Our proven approach and track record of success have made SE2 the insurance industry’s first choice for TPA of closed blocks. The same thinking and innovation fuels our approach to lift, shift and improve. The result is a continuous improvement and modernization of operations that delivers great service, value and cost benefits over time. We apply these values to your people as well: SE2 collaborates with you to ensure a smooth transfer, minimize lay-os and oer good jobs to members of your team.

Per policy costs typically increase as closed blocks decline — it’s an artifact of legacy systems and fixed cost environments. Yet with SE2, you can shift the value curve, changing the economics of your closed block business. You realize a lower unit administration cost and enjoy variable costs, while reaping the benefits of a business transformation program.

We’ve worked with the top brands
in the insurance industry

We’ve worked with some of the top brands in the insurance industry to retire more than 25 legacy platforms and execute 30 successful conversion projects — each one flawlessly. One of the reasons for this success is that we don’t just convert data, we reconstruct the products and entire policy history. Another reason is that we mirror the complete operations of traditional life and annuity carriers in order to achieve greater efficiency and lower cost.

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