SE2 Aurum® Enterprise-class digital technology
to power your growth

Next-generation technology designed to support the unique needs of life and annuity carriers.

Blueprint for
complexity and risk

SE2 Aurum® simplifies and streamlines L&A insurance business processes, enabling carriers to focus on their core functions. By integrating advanced technology, standardized processes and addressing regulatory compliance, SE2 Aurum® reduces operational risk, improves productivity, delivers cost efficiencies, and paves the way for shared services on a utility model.

Increase speed-to-market with a highly configurable solution

Eliminate inefficiencies of legacy systems

Drive process efficiencies through a single platform

Shift to Pay-as-you-use pricing model.

Conceived by a life insurer for life insurers

A multi-tenant, open-architecture platform, SE2 Aurum® offers
insurance carriers a rich, engaging, fully digital environment that
is flexible and agile enabling carriers to launch new products
faster, optimize their back-office operations, create cost
efficiencies, and acquire new customers through all distribution
channels including a direct-to-consumer channel with a unique
industry-leading digital model.


From the very beginning, we have been deeply invested in the development of an enterprise-class, highly-scalable platform. At the foundation of SE2 Aurum® is an advanced micro-services, multi-tenant cloud-based architecture.

SE2 Aurum® is an enterprise-class multi-tenet platform for licensed, acquired, and developed assets that span the entire life and annuity value chain. Over 25 insurers currently leverage the platform to leapfrog to digital.

Experience the power of an end-to-end life and annuity insurance platform that gives growth-minded insurers the ability to deliver new digital capabilities in a fast and flexible manner and keep pace with the digital demands of today’s customers.

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