Rapidly launch new products and channels

Launch Products & Channels
Rapidly to Market

We enable insurers to build new products and get them to into the market fast

Fast-Track Product Launches and Channel Introductions

Whether you are looking to rapidly launch a new product, enter a new line of business, or quickly distribute through a new channel, SE2 can get you there.
Our leading-edge digital technology platform, end-to-end administration services, and pre-integrated ecosystem free up time and resources and allows insurers to grow rapidly and focus on what they do best.

Leverage the power of an end-to-end life and annuity insurance platform and launch competitive products that keep pace with the demands of today’s consumers and distributors. We make it fast – we’re talking days not months.

Rapidly Create New Products.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Reimagine the Customer Experience

Expand to New Digital Channels

A digital platform for speed, agility,
and customer engagement

SE2’s platform is cloud-hosted, modular, available with all capabilities “out of the box,” and componentized for seamless plug-and-play connectivity through APIs. Simply pick the front-end and core platform components you need, design the product, and we’ll deliver for you – staffed by an expert team of insurance product and delivery pros that launch on average 15-20 new products every 12 months for some of the fastest-growing insurance carriers in North America.

Your distributors and policyholders will get a next-generational experience as well with self-service tools, producer and policyholder web portals, an online trading platform, electronic processing and delivery, and much more.

Each year, SE2 processes more than $20B premiums and over 200,000 new business applications for our clients on the industry’s most complete digital platform and ecosystem.

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