UV Cloud®

UV Cloud®
enabling a rapid, automated unit value
 pricing and trading process

Helping separate account providers execute trades accurately and on time, reducing the cost of this mission-critical function and retaining more revenue.

Streamline your pricing and trading

Antiquated home-grown systems and legacy manual processing environments are putting middle-to-back-office teams increasingly at risk of pricing inaccuracies, missing trade execution deadlines, and causing gain/loss issues.

UV Cloud® is the insurance and retirement industry’s most advanced cloud-native variable product and separate account asset management pricing and trading platform.

Automate work streams, enable transparent handoffs at every step of process

Easily add new investment options to separate accounts and variable products

Reduce overall operational costs and eliminate costly and reputational-harming gain/loss issues

Gather insights from UV Cloud’s® strong reporting and data analytics capabilities

your workflow

UV Cloud® provides annuity, life, and retirement providers one platform that eliminates cumbersome manual processes and enables effective management of fund values, trade processing, asset reconciliation, and overall management of unit values and separate account assets for a broad range of variable products covering mutual funds and a range of other investment products within annuities, life, and other retirement products such 401k, 403b, and 457 plans.

Actionable intelligence,
when and where you want it

The fully customizable suite of reports available within UV Cloud® will fulfill reporting requirements including the various STAT Schedule D and BA parts, GAAP audit reports, ledger data feeds, pricing tolerances, fee accrual reports, share reconciliations, and performance reporting. The web-based design offers convenient access from anywhere, along with providing advanced security options such as two-factor authentication, access codes, and automated IP Address blocking.

Developed in 2016, UV Cloud® is the only cloud-native pricing and trading software available in the market today. Collectively, the UV Cloud® team has successfully implemented over 60 clients since 1993, interfaced with over 40 admin platforms, and has extensive experience with the NSCC and DTCC.

Together with SE2, the team manages $300B+ of separate account assets averaging over $1B in daily trade execution with 180+ fund companies.

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