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SE2’s Insurance As A Service is the Premier
Turn-key Solution for Life and Annuity Insurers


Comprehensive Technology and Simplified Business Operations
Help You Innovate and Get To Market Fast


Create new direct-to-consumer life products


SE2 Digital Direct Life makes it easy for you to launch a direct-to-consumer life product, and easy for your customers to buy it. You get a new cost-effective channel to acquire mid-market, millennial and other customers who prefer shopping and buying online.

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Accelerate product innovation


The SE2 Aurum platform offers you a digital sandbox and prototyping environment to experiment with, iterate and rapidly launch new products. You gain speed, agility and the ability to disrupt markets, without disrupting your legacy products, systems and teams.

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Increase speed to market


SE2 helps you get new products to market up to a third faster and at a third less cost than when relying on over-taxed internal teams and outmoded legacy systems.

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Quickly expand into new market segments


Quickly and efficiently enter new market segments without new investments in IT. SE2’s omni-channel customer engagement model makes it easy to reach and engage customers in new segments via traditional channels and also mobile, social and online.

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Get more efficient and effective cost structures on closed blocks


Change the economics of your closed block business, lowering unit administration costs while reaping the benefits of a variable cost model and digital business transformation. We support your strategy with solutions for conversions, rebadging and lift and shift.

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Variabilize operating costs for open blocks


Free up scarce management and technical resources by outsourcing the administration of your open blocks. You can focus on creating new growth and new revenue streams, while SE2 delivers the quality service and support you, your channel and customers deserve.

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Streamline the transition and administration of acquired blocks


Protect and maximize your investment of acquired blocks. Our proven solutions for transitioning operations and administration keep customers, agents and brokers happy.

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