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SE2 provides the administration solutions life and annuity insurers need.


SE2’s third party administration solution offers you multiple flexible engagement models as well as Business Process as a Service.

Accelerate your digital transformation with the SE2 Aurum Technology Platform.


Launch new products


SE2 helps you get new products to market up to a third faster and at a third less cost than when relying on over-taxed internal teams and outmoded legacy systems.

Our tried and true new product launch solution is built on the SE2 Aurum Platform and staffed by an expert team that consistently launches 20+ new products every 18 months. You get dependable execution, transparent administration, reduced risk and high quality, around the clock support from our global operations during and after the launch.

The SE2 rapid launch solution helps you add value for both distributors and policyholders as well, with self service tools including producer and policyholder web portals, an online trading platform, electronic processing and delivery.

Expand into new market segments


Agent-based distribution has moved toward the affluent and mass affluent, leaving middle-market consumers underinsured. Life insurers are focusing on servicing the largely untapped middle market, the various underinsured multicultural market segments and on addressing consumer preference to do business via digital channels for growth. But capitalizing on this opportunity requires deeper understanding of the challenges, needs and financial goals of these channels and requires well-developed distribution networks and a simple and hassle free online purchase experience.

SE2 helps you quickly and efficiently enter new market segments, without the corresponding investment in IT. And our omni‐channel customer engagement model makes it easy to reach and engage these customers via traditional and also new channels including mobile, social and online.

Third party administration of closed blocks


Per policy costs typically increase as closed blocks decline — it’s an artifact of legacy systems and fixed cost environments. Yet with SE2, you can shift the value curve, changing the economics of your closed block business. You realize a lower unit administration cost and enjoy variable costs, while reaping the benefits of a business transformation program.

SE2 is the expert on converting closed blocks of business. We help you minimize risk and cost, increase speed and efficiency, and free up resources to focus on the business opportunities that will drive growth.

We’ve worked with some of the top brands in the insurance industry to retire more than 25 legacy platforms and execute 30 successful conversion projects — each one dependably. One of the reasons for this success is that we don’t just convert data, we reconstruct the products and policy history. Another reason is that we mirror the complete operations of traditional life and annuity carriers in order to achieve greater efficiency and lower cost.

Third party administration of open blocks


SE2 is the right choice for outsourcing the administration of your open blocks. We offer you the quality service you expect and your customers deserve. You get a cost effective solution that helps free up scarce management and technical resources, so you can focus on creating new growth and new revenue streams.

SE2’s open block solution is built on a foundation of deep expertise in life and annuity insurance, proven technology and the best service team in the industry.

It starts with expertise. We grew up in the insurance industry and it’s in our DNA. We understand the challenges you face, and know how to help you simplify and grow your business.

The SE2 Aurum Platform is the most advanced and complete operations technology platform for life and annuity insurance. It’s highly efficient, featuring a multitenant-architecture that reduces your cost for development, upgrades and regulatory compliance.

Customer service is the critical third part of the open book administration equation. SE2 stands for “service end to end” and it’s a core value at the root of everything we do. Our service model follows the sun, with people and deep expertise available across the globe. You never have to wait on an answer, and your customers get the support that keeps them happy and satisfied.

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