Why SE2


Built for life and annuity insurance carriers, by insurance experts.


Life and annuity insurance are part of our DNA. Our roots in life and annuity insurance provide essential insights into your business that power everything we do for you – how we work, our services and our technologies. Everything from our insurance Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) to our complete third-party administrator (TPA) services and unmatched support.


Smooth business transitions, flawless conversions and 50% less cost per policy


Maintaining low or declining-value blocks puts a strain on your capital and resources. There’s a better way. Over 20 top insurance brands solve this problem by trusting their life insurance in-force and closed book conversions to SE2.

SE2 converts active and closed life insurance blocks onto the powerful SE2 Aurum Platform, so you can focus your resources on driving growth and improving customer experiences. Converting with SE2 also transforms your cost structure from fixed to variable, resulting in as much as 50 percent less cost to administer each policy.

SE2 administers traditional, variable, universal and interest-sensitive life; variable and fixed annuity products


We take the stress out of administering your life and annuity products. We provide support for:

Life insurance products including:

  • Term
  • Whole Life
  • Interest Sensitive Whole Life (ISWL)
  • Variable Universal Life (VUL)
  • Universal Life (UL)

Annuity administration products including:

  • Fixed Annuities
  • Variable Annuities
  • Index Annuities

How We Do This Get Started

Change your cost structure from fixed to variable


SE2’s total transformation shifts the value curve to both lower costs and shift your model to make them entirely variable. You get cost saving benefits on Day One, with no delay whatsoever.

Get new products to market fast


The rapid iteration and launch of new products is a key strategy for high growth carriers. We help you get to market fast – up to a third faster and at a third less cost than when using internal teams – to help you capitalize on the best opportunities for growth.

SE2 mirrors the complete operations of traditional life and annuity carriers, but on the advanced SE2 Aurum Platform that drives greater efficiency and lower costs.


How We Do This Get Started

The SE2 Aurum Platform — technology purpose-built for life and annuity


The SE2 Aurum Platform is technology built specifically to support the unique requirements of life and annuity carriers. The advanced multi-tenet architecture is highly efficient, making it possible to reduce risk and cost while retiring outmoded legacy systems.

SE2 data conversion and business transition technologies help you get maximum value from your data, too. The data is real time, meaningful and actionable.

Unmatched service and support


SE2 supports your business transition and conversion projects with a team steeped in expertise, dedicated to your satisfaction and built on deep experience in life and annuity insurance.

You get support around the clock from more than 1000 life and annuity experts on three continents.

SE2 offers you:

  • An unmatched track record of success, with more than two million policies and in excess of $100 billion in assets under administration
  • A flawless conversion process perfected over more than 25 conversions, two million policies and 1.5 million plus distribution entities
  • Support across every distribution channel including Wirehouse, Broker Dealer, IMO, BGA, PPGA, Bank and Career Agency

Your data is safe and secure


SE2 is rigorous about security. We go to great lengths to protect data, adhering to industry protocols for logical and physical security. Customer data is encrypted, transmission protocols meet the highest security standards and data is stored and processed in the United States only.


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