Client Stories

SE2 Converts Large Block of Annuity Business in Complex Conversion

With SE2’s help, the acquiring insurer was able to convert the massive block of business to its platform easily and efficiently, resulting in a seamless and reliable conversion.

Life Insurer Taps SE2 to Offer Career Agents Sophisticated Technology to Sell Variable Annuities

Following a very successful effort to stand up the third party distribution group for annuities for the insurance organization, the model was proven out so successfully that SE2 was again called in to provide the same capabilities to the firm’s career agents.

SE2 Launches a Variety of Annuities and Long-term Care Products in Record Time

SE2 implemented and launched all products in a short amount of time and with SE2’s help, the insurer was fully prepared to sell products immediately, translating into explosive sales growth.

SE2 Helps Insurer Launch Mutual Fund IRA and Annuity Product Within Nine Months

SE2 launched the products in less than nine months, enabling the insurer to begin selling and servicing contracts immediately. Growth in these products has been explosive.

SE2 Partners with Carrier, IMO for Successful New Fixed Indexed Annuity

SE2 leveraged its extensive partner ecosystem to introduce the IMO to a carrier specializing in retirement products and facilitated an aggressive development-to-launch timeframe, speeding the product to market in only six months.

SE2 Enables Reinsurer’s First New Fixed Annuity launch, Onboards third party distribution and implements an eApp Submission Process

After a competitive bid process, the reinsurer selected SE2 to launch the new product, onboard comprehensive third party distribution and implement an electronic submission process to facilitate applications

Point of View

From eApp to noApp

Organizations have harnessed the ever-increasing amount of data and have found ways to successfully leverage analytics to drive informed decisions and actions. However, while these measures have increased digital enablement, they are not the only disruptors insurers are facing.

Strategies to Achieve Improved Speed to Market

As consumer needs evolve, insurers must keep up with their increasing demands and lifestyle changes, and expand into new markets with compelling and relevant offerings or risk losing market share to competitors.

Business First Approach Reduces Data Conversion Risks

An optimized, agile life insurance operating platform can cut technology and operating costs while reducing complexity, and can give them more control over their data.

Life Insurance in the Digital Age

It’s time to rethink how the insurance industry reaches the untapped Mid Market, and the answer is digital. Digital has the potential to benefit consumers, distributors and carriers.


Serving the Underserved Mid-Market: Growing Through Digital Capabilities Infographic

Distributors target high net worth individuals for higher gains, leaving the mid-market underserved. Download to learn more about tapping into the mid-market segment.

Life and Annuity Video

The world is changing, but risk is timeless. How will Life insurance agents of the future engage with the digitally savvy customer?

Gautam’s Perspective on How to Leverage Outsourcing Vendors

Learn how CEO Gautum Thakkar leveraged outsourcing to accelerate SE2’s growth strategy and build an integrated, scalable BPO-IT platform.

LIC Webinar: Capturing the Mid Markets

Vinod Kachroo, CIO of SE2 presents perspectives on how available technology can be used to capture millennial and mid-market life insurance consumers in a way that even smaller life companies can find cost effective.

SE2 Overview Video

Watch our video to see how we’ve encapsulated this deep understanding of insurance business operations in our SE2 Aurum Platform, continuously-improved technology that can help you rapidly launch innovative new insurance products, lower costs and provide exceptional service to your customers.

SE2 Overview Brochure

SE2 helps you focus on growth. We simplify your operations, variablize your costs and help you bring new products to market fast. You get the complete, end-to-end services and technology you need, mirroring your operations at a fraction of the cost.

SE2 Digital Direct Life Brochure

SE2 Digital Direct Life is the first no touch, end-to-end life insurance as a service solution. It automates the entire customer acquisition process, from application to approval, from underwriting to policy issue.

SE2 Careers Brochure

SE2 is one of the fastest growing technology and services companies in the country. It’s growth powered by talented people with a shared commitment to delighting the customer.

SE2’s New Business Optimizer

Infographic: To achieve agility, flexibility and true speed to value, insurers must take advantage of new technologies within the context of their existing IT environments.